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Video Active Plant


Ideas are like Viruses. When Experimented with and Executed well, they infect people & spread like a Contagious fever.

TVF is a Creative Collective of individuals who are artists at heart<br />
		         & scientists at mind, who experiment with ideas &audio-visual    communications  to  <br />
		        Create  stories which suit the needs of ever-changing Space  of   Media & Entertainment

We EXPERIMENT with Ideas...

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...cause only when you Experiment,
You get results which are fresh, and have an Unpredictable & Far Reaching consequences.

If you Infect your audience with the same ideas (viruses), they become non-responsive (immune) to them.

We Need to expose them to
New Ideas & Expressions.

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And what better place
to arrive at new results, than a Lab.

Equipped with the awareness and expertise in the ever-changing Formats, Grammer & Technology of Filmmaking & Content Creation, TVF Media Labs is constatnly striving to become a hub for content revolution in India.

Every Audio-Visual Solution serves a unique purpose to the clients. The goal is to understand the purpose first.

Our solutions do not always fall under the conventional categories of a TV Commercial, Music Video, an AV or a Corporate Film.

We research & hunt for the latest ideas & styles of Video solutions, unique to the problem statements of our Clients & Creative Agencies.

Then, we put that rare virus of an idea( or story) to experimentation in our "Video-Active Plants".

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The idea goes through an Elaborate Execution Column with inputs from the clients, world-class technicians, and sample audience etc. to result in a customized & infectious Audio-Visual Solution.

Finally it is unleashed upon its target audience, for results of Epidemic Proportions.

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Our Partners In The Experiments So Far...


Feeling Feverish with Ideas ??

If you want to collaborate in our quest to create "Progressive" Content for the "Progressive" Indian Audience, just Shout .....

(P.S. - Yes, we have used the word 'Progressive' twice, :) )


Bunglow 127, Aram Nagar - 2 Versova, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400061;

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