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Video Active Plant


Ideas are like Viruses and when Experimented with (Executed) well, infect people & spread like a Contagious fever

is a Creative Collective of individuals who are artists at heart<br />
		         & scientists at mind, who experiment with ideas &audio-visual    communications  to  <br />
		        Create  stories which suit the needs of ever-changing Space  of   Media & Entertainment

We EXPERIMENT with Ideas...

tv dance

...cause only when you Experiment,
You get results which are fresh, and have an Unpredictable & Far Reaching consequences.

Infect your audience with the same ideas (viruses), they become non-responsive (immune) to them.

We Need to expose them to
New Ideas & Expressions.

bulb sparks

And what better place
to arrive at new results, than a Lab.

Equipped with the awareness and expertise in the ever-changing Formats, Grammer & Technology of Filmmaking, TVF Media Labs collaborates with Companies, Brands & Creative Agencies to execute innovative stories & expressions which can potentially spread like a Fever.

Every Audio-Visual Solution serves a unique purpose to every client. The goal is to understand the purpose first.

Our solutions do not always fall under the conventional categories of a TV Commercial, Music Video, an AV or a Corporate Film.

We research & hunt for the latest ideas & styles of Video solutions, unique to the problem statements of our Clients & Creative Agencies.

Then, we put that rare virus of an idea( or story) to experimentation in our "Video-Active Plants".

sparks of ideas

The idea goes through an Elaborate Execution Column with inputs from the clients, world-class technicians, and sample audience etc. to result in a customized & infectious Audio-Visual Solution.

Finally it is unleashed upon its target audience, for results of Epidemic Proportions.

monster idea

Our Clients & Works

Some of the results from our Previous Creative Experiments.

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Gr888888 dude, very innovative and magnificent work, hats off

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Arunabh and Team are a unique combination of creativity, clarity and capability! Was a pleasure to work with them and the passion coupled with depth they bring to the creative process speaks through the quality of work we achieved

- Kalyan Chakravarthy, COO & Founder Sewak, PARFI

This one's so damn funny!!!!!!! "That wasa movie but this one's a trailer!!!!" Inglorious Seniors / Glorious Dean hahahahahahaha!

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Wahaaoww!!! no words...infinitely awesome. I have not seen something so brilliantly awesome, clean, perfect & simple so far. Kudos to your whole team.

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Band of Scientists

We are a group of young graduates from IIT, IIM, STANFORD, FTII, UCLA etc. who are fascinated by the strength of IDEAS...which could transform themselves into an AUDIO-VISUAL and come alive in front of you.

Being young is our strength which helps us relate easily to the youth of the world.

We are happiest when we wear our Invisible LAB coats and have the instruments like CAMERA, LIGHTS , EDITING MACHINE and a test tube full of Ideas, to EXPERIMENT with.....


Bunglow 127, Aram Nagar - 2 Versova, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400061;

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